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Monterey Lawn & Garden Website

About the Project

Monterey Lawn & Garden is dedicated to bringing innovative horticultural solutions to the home gardener. Their html-based website was aesthetically and functionally outdated. We created a content management-based eCommerce site allowing for easier updates to content, improved search engine optimization, and a more pleasant online shopping experience for customers.
The website features:
  • Helpful product information
  • The ability to shop more than 100 product offerings by category and organic search
  • Secure third-party credit card processing
  • Confirmation emails to customers alerting them to the progress of their order
  • Up-front cost calculation and tracking of shipments
  • Streamlined order fulfillment with printed shipping labels and sales stats
  • A Learning Center with Gardening Tips, a Glossary of Gardening Terms, FAQs, Gardening Links, and News and Events.
  • An interactive Store Locator with contact information and directions to more than 3000 retail outlets carrying Monterey Lawn & Garden products
  • Registered Product Labels and Safety Data Sheets on all products
  • A comprehensive product image library for retailers to use in promoting Monterey Lawn & Garden Products
  • Links to social media and other helpful resources


Monterey Lawn & Garden Products



design and product an updated CMS-based e-commerce website.


Webdesign, Branding

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