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Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield Emergency Room Campaign

About the Project

For more than 100 years, Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield has delivered the highest standard of health care in the region.

After several disappointing attempts at using an outside creative firm, MHB had almost given up finding an agency that would “get them.” In 2008, Mercy approached DMI with a challenge:

Create and implement a humorous, targeted, direct mail campaign to create top-of-mind awareness for the Mercy emergency rooms. Core messages were convenience, expedience, and of course — Mercy’s unmistakable image and bedside manner.

DMI Agency went to work. We scouted several locations within Mercy’s target geographic area. Which locations would the target recognize? Which would be memorable? To which would they relate? Once we made the selections, we staged and photographed the scenes, then brought the imagery to life with design, and messaging.


Mercy Hospitals of Bakersfield



Billboards, Mailers


Photography, Graphic Design, Creative

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