Gregory Properties

Gregory Properties

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Gregory Properties, owners and managers of several commercial, residential, office and vacation properties, wanted a way to market and showcase each property. Previously, Gregory relied on external sites and wasted advertising dollars driving views to those sites where potential clients were shown not only Gregory’s properties, but the properties of its competitors, as well.



DMI determined that a good approach would be for Gregory Properties to have its own site, complete with SEO, and to use social media along with traditional advertising to exclusively promote its own properties. DMI went to the creative drawing board and came up with a solution that would allow Gregory Properties to cross-market all properties in a user-friendly format.



The new website beautifully showcases Gregory Properties and its listings while allowing visitors to easily navigate between pages. The website is linked to real estate sources so that Gregory’s owners do not have to manually update the page on a regular basis and the social media connection drives prospective customers to the site. Now, when a potential client is looking for commercial space, they just might be tempted to book a vacation at one of Gregory’s relaxing mountain or beach properties while they’re at it.