Gozen Sushi & Teppanyaki

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Although Gozen’s interior design, food and overall dining experience is nothing short of luxury, the restaurant is faced with the challenge of having the rear exterior of the building facing a major street and, therefore, potential customers are not immediately drawn in.



Gozen already has a great presence on websites such as Yelp, but the restaurant lacked its own online presence. DMI Agency knew that if you draw customers in through a website, the storefront no longer becomes an issue because they are already interested in the product. We created a unique website that leads with custom photography and appetizing shots of popular food items served at Gozen. DMI also optimized the website for mobile devices, linked it to online listings and enhanced the SEO to ensure Gozen would appear in related online searches.



The result is a website that eliminates Gozen’s main obstacle and provides a new “storefront” for the restaurant. The website gives visitors a new first impression to remember and showcases Gozen as a true fine-dining restaurant that people want to try – and once they are through the doors, the always become repeat customers.