DMI Agency VS Sterling Cooper: The Differences Between “Mad Men” and the DMI Team

AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” is fascinating to those who work in modern advertising and marketing. Whether or not the ad world back in the 1960s was really filled with whiskey, women, and scandal, it’s still interesting to compare how drastically different (and better) our agency life is from theirs. We may be small, and Main Street Visalia is no Madison Avenue, but our office habits promote productivity, rather than hinder it.

Coffee is the New Whiskey

Here at DMI Agency, our metaphorical beverage carts are filled with coffee mugs, K-cups, and vanilla creamer. You won’t find any crystal glasses or ice buckets here. While we’re not necessarily opposed to the idea of drinking whiskey, we like to think our great ideas and creative energy flow from caffeine, as opposed to alcohol, which has a tendency to kill brain cells. How did anyone get anything done at Sterling Cooper after all?

Our Weakness Isn’t Women

The only office “affairs” here take place in the kitchen. Our weaknesses at DMI typically come in the form of baked goods and chocolate. On any given day, you can pretty much guarantee there are sweets being devoured in the break room (sometimes in secret, we’ll admit).

Nap Time? How about Frapp Time

If you visit DMI, you’ll notice none of our offices have couches. Why? Unlike the copywriters and account managers at Sterling Cooper, we don’t take naps in the middle of the day. It’s not that we don’t like naps, because believe us, we do, but we turn to coffee to fix that problem. Plus, we value our time here because it’s our client’s time. Every hour counts in the marketing and advertising world, and we do our best to make it count.

Open Door Policy

There’s no “behind closed doors” here, and there’s no need for it. The only reason we ever shut our doors is to keep the heat from escaping the office (*cough* Kim) or to make a phone call. We want to be accessible to the rest of the team, and plus, we need to keep those doors wide open to hear when someone is yelling an idea across the office.

On TV, an agency like Sterling Cooper is romanticized for its scandal, while simultaneously being known for great ideas, effective illustrations, and captivating catch phrases. At DMI Agency, we’ll stick with creative ideas and effective marketing campaigns without the glamour and drama of Madison Avenue.