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The Battle of the Oxford Comma: When Will It End?

The Battle of the Oxford Comma: When Will It End?

There’s a little punctuation mark out there that has caused a lot of grief in the form of red ink. It has divided the world’s most prominent journalists, has caused copy editor’s hands to shrivel up, and has fueled heated arguments between stubborn English majors and their professors. It is…the Oxford comma. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and usually a strong one, regarding whether or not the Oxford comma belongs in a sequence. To the “outside world,” it may [...]

DMI Agency VS Sterling Cooper: The Differences Between “Mad Men” and the DMI Team

AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” is fascinating to those who work in modern advertising and marketing. Whether or not the ad world back in the 1960s was really filled with whiskey, women, and scandal, it’s still interesting to compare how drastically different (and better) our agency life is from theirs. We may be small, and Main Street Visalia is no Madison Avenue, but our office habits promote productivity, rather than hinder it. Coffee is the New Whiskey Here at DMI [...]

The Super Bowl, Social Media, and Bad Press: Commercials Stir Up Controversy

Every brand wants a piece of the Super Bowl, and with an estimated $4.5 million per 30 seconds of air time, it makes it hard to believe any brand would settle short of putting its best foot forward. But that is exactly what happened. In case you missed them, two Super Bowl commercials have us considering how much value there is in bad press. This year both GoDaddy and Nationwide Insurance have had plenty of social media buzz about their [...]
Cliché Holiday Phrases to Avoid Using in Your Social Media Posts

Cliché Holiday Phrases to Avoid Using in Your Social Media Posts

This time of year, it’s difficult to avoid seeing (or using) cliché and over-used holiday phrases in your messaging. At one time, these phrases may have been clever, but because of social media, they seem to make their way into every holiday post and promotion. We’re not going to sit here and criticize anyone for starting a post or blog with “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” because we’ve probably done it too. But it’s still important to […]

Hope for Print Media: Making the Old New Again | DMI Agency Blog

Hope for Print Media: Making the Old New Again

For a decade now, all we’ve heard is “print media is dying” or “print media is dead.” But oh contraire, says one technology website that is going print after 20 years of being only online. CNET, a website dedicated to sharing content about the latest news in technology, shocked the online world when they announced that they were coming out with a magazine in print. Talk about a paradox! But what seems so backwards in our modern society, somehow makes […]

The Fall Pumpkin: America’s Greatest Seasonal Marketing Tool

Fall is well underway and the pumpkin apocalypse is still alive and well, so we thought it would be fun to look at some of the ways companies are using the pumpkin for their seasonal marketing: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes – Ok, this one is a given. Everybody knows that the Pumpkin Spice Latte (PSL) is one of the most popular pumpkin-flavored products of all time. Hey, it’s probably even more popular than the actual pumpkin itself. released a [...]

Our Top Five Favorite Marketing #Hashtags

We’ve all seen it as we scroll down our Facebook, Instragram or Twitter feeds: the infamous #hashtag. While some businesses use meaningless hashtags on their social media posts that have no use or purpose, others hit the nail right on the head and came up with million-dollar hashtags that are clever, get a great response and act as catch phrases for the marketing campaign. Here are a few that stand out to us: 1. #StopSadBreakfast – Chobani Yogurt Chobani Greek [...]

An Introduction to Content Marketing

The phrase “content marketing” has been floating around the Internet and in marketing circles for quite some time now, and there’s a good reason why. Businesses all over the world, both big and small, are taking this idea of marketing content and are using it to get their name out there. It allows organizations to promote their products or services in a way that is attractive to consumers while engaging them in their business.   Content Marketing 101 If you’re […]

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Three Reasons For Being On Instagram

For the user, social media is about self-expression. It’s about communicating a clear message of who you are as an individual and showcasing interests and activities that best reflect your personality. For marketers, this creates the ideal platform to connect with potential customers in meaningful, engaging and highly targeted new ways. While social media trends have a tendency to change nearly as quickly as they are identified, savvy social media marketers are finding that within the various platforms at their […]

Brand DNA: How your Company’s Personality Defines You

How many times have you heard a business owner refer to their business as “their baby”? There’s a good reason for that. The projects we oversee and the businesses we create take on a life of their own, and it is our responsibility to nurture and guide them to a place of maturity, much like a parent does with a child. This process can be both personal and emotional as we watch a new venture develop from a simple concept […]