Boost Sales with Pinterest’s New Buy Button

Millions of people use multiple social media platforms every day, each for a different purpose or preference. While these platforms are all used to connect with consumers on their phones and computers, they each serve slightly different purposes. Instagram and Pinterest connect businesses to their consumers graphically, Twitter allows companies to share sneak-peaks of information, and Facebook combines them both with an online profile and opportunities for social networking and marketing. But Pinterest in particular, the so-called underdog of social media, has recently launched a “buy button” in an attempt to bring another aspect of the online world to their platform: shopping.

On June 2, 2015, Pinterest announced they would begin adding buy buttons to pins from large vendors such as Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, and Nordstrom. As time has passed and the buy buttons have proved successful, Pinterest now supports small and medium-sized vendors through the commerce platform Shopify, and they have begun to add Demandware to the mix.

Why will your potential customers enter the Pinterest marketplace?

  • Instant inspiration and satisfaction: Consumers will use Pinterest to search for inspiring ideas, and when they see the blue buy button, they will be one click away from having the pin at their doorstep.
  • Convenience: Consumers can buy directly, rather than spend time searching from pin to pin in hopes of finding a link to where they can make a purchase. Now they can simply click to pay with apple pay or credit card.
  • Simplicity: They can use cost filters and color filters to find exactly what they want without leaving their home.
  • Social shopping: Consumers can show friends what they are buying, get an opinion, and recommend your items without going to the mall.
  • Comprehensive online shopping: They have access to multiple vendors on one page.

Why should you enter the Pinterest marketplace as a small or medium-sized business? Ultimately, you will boost sales for these reasons:

  • Customers who want to shop: 93 percent of Pinterest users are planning for shopping trips; eliminate the trip and the planning by allowing customers to buy on the spot.
  • Customers who didn’t know they wanted to shop: Take advantage of impulse buying culture with the convenience of Pinterest.
  • Inspire: 1/3 of Pinterest-inspired purchases are items that the customer hadn’t previously thought about.
  • Global market: There are 73 million people using Pinterest every month, many of whom live outside the physical range of your shop.
  • Purchase size: Shopify has found that the average purchase on Pinterest is $50, which is higher than any other social media platform.

Pinterest has created trends and made products go viral. By selling your featured items on Pinterest, you can control your brand and image, advertise for your business, and make sales, even after hours. Pinterest users will pin your photos, share them with friends, and discover your company and its products. They will get inspired and see items they didn’t know they wanted. Don’t forget that Pinterest is a social scrapbooking platform; you may not be able to simply post a photo of every item you sell. Work with a member of our staff at DMI Agency to create pins that represent your brand the way you want, and don’t miss out on joining this up-and-coming online marketplace.