Why “Listicles” May Be the Future of Your Blog

Instant gratification and short attention spans have created an impatient and easily distracted audience for content creators. In fact, in 2014, the attention span of the average human decreased to 8.25 seconds, less than a goldfish. When opening up a new Internet page or link, the average consumer clicks away from it within 10 seconds. When it comes to putting content out on your blog, list writing (listicles) might be the best way to get the attention of your audience. […]

Boost Sales with Pinterest’s New Buy Button

Millions of people use multiple social media platforms every day, each for a different purpose or preference. While these platforms are all used to connect with consumers on their phones and computers, they each serve slightly different purposes. Instagram and Pinterest connect businesses to their consumers graphically, Twitter allows companies to share sneak-peaks of information, and Facebook combines them both with an online profile and opportunities for social networking and marketing. But Pinterest in particular, the so-called underdog of social […]

The Perfect Pair: Digital and Print Advertising

Peanut Butter and Jelly. Mac n’ Cheese. Barbie and Ken. What do they all have in common? While each of these might be great on their own, it’s no secret they are better when paired with their mate, creating enough synergy to become iconic. In a similar way, your advertising strategy needs more than one ingredient to reach its full potential. With so many media options now, using a single outlet to reach a dynamic audience just won’t cut it. […]

Reviewing the Reviewer: How to Respond to Negative Reviews

As a business owner, we’re sure you know that customers are usually more prone to post negative reviews than positive. If your business has ever fallen victim to this, you probably understand the urge to fire back. While some negative reviews of your service and/or products may be completely justified (no one can be perfect all the time), there are those moments when it seems like someone is simply out to get you. In these situations, you want nothing more […]

Go Mobile-Friendly, or Else…

Google announces major change that will affect your SEO and could cost you potential business Over the last year or so, have you noticed a change in the way you search the web from your smart phone? We certainly have. We’ve noticed our expectations for ease of navigation and access have gotten pretty darn high and to be honest, we might be a little impatient; if a website isn’t mobile-friendly, we’re most likely not going to take the time or […]

The Battle of the Oxford Comma: When Will It End?

The Battle of the Oxford Comma: When Will It End?

There’s a little punctuation mark out there that has caused a lot of grief in the form of red ink. It has divided the world’s most prominent journalists, has caused copy editor’s hands to shrivel up, and has fueled heated arguments between stubborn English majors and their professors. It is…the Oxford comma. Everyone seems to have an opinion, and usually a strong one, regarding whether or not the Oxford comma belongs in a sequence. To the “outside world,” it may [...]

DMI Agency VS Sterling Cooper: The Differences Between “Mad Men” and the DMI Team

AMC’s hit show “Mad Men” is fascinating to those who work in modern advertising and marketing. Whether or not the ad world back in the 1960s was really filled with whiskey, women, and scandal, it’s still interesting to compare how drastically different (and better) our agency life is from theirs. We may be small, and Main Street Visalia is no Madison Avenue, but our office habits promote productivity, rather than hinder it. Coffee is the New Whiskey Here at DMI [...]

The Super Bowl, Social Media, and Bad Press: Commercials Stir Up Controversy

Every brand wants a piece of the Super Bowl, and with an estimated $4.5 million per 30 seconds of air time, it makes it hard to believe any brand would settle short of putting its best foot forward. But that is exactly what happened. In case you missed them, two Super Bowl commercials have us considering how much value there is in bad press. This year both GoDaddy and Nationwide Insurance have had plenty of social media buzz about their [...]
Cliché Holiday Phrases to Avoid Using in Your Social Media Posts

Cliché Holiday Phrases to Avoid Using in Your Social Media Posts

This time of year, it’s difficult to avoid seeing (or using) cliché and over-used holiday phrases in your messaging. At one time, these phrases may have been clever, but because of social media, they seem to make their way into every holiday post and promotion. We’re not going to sit here and criticize anyone for starting a post or blog with “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas,” because we’ve probably done it too. But it’s still important to […]

Hope for Print Media: Making the Old New Again | DMI Agency Blog

Hope for Print Media: Making the Old New Again

For a decade now, all we’ve heard is “print media is dying” or “print media is dead.” But oh contraire, says one technology website that is going print after 20 years of being only online. CNET, a website dedicated to sharing content about the latest news in technology, shocked the online world when they announced that they were coming out with a magazine in print. Talk about a paradox! But what seems so backwards in our modern society, somehow makes […]